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Hi. I am a photographer specialising in arts and entertainment, as well as commercial & fashion photography. I was born in South Africa but moved to Australia in 1989 during the Apartheid regime. I love travel and adventure but also love living and working in South Australia and appreciate the incredible lifestyle here. I am curious, short, and adventurous. I love people and places, and am thrilled to work in an interesting career that offers me daily access to different people and places each day.

How did it all begin? ::

I discovered photography at art school, where I completed my Bachelor of Visual Arts with honours. I have since realised that this incredible medium is so complex that I am still learning, over 25 years after graduating! My first real job was on a short film, after an emerging director saw my work and asked if I could do promotional stills on his first short film. I have now shot on so many film and TV sets I've lost count, and this type of work continues to keep me on my creative and technical toes. Having studied to be an artist, it still surprises me that I have a successful commercial practice as a photographer - but I am very proud of balancing my commercial and personal work, ceaselessly pursuing both elements of my photography for over 25 years.

What I do ::

My work spans a broad range of genres, but I primarily work in the creative industries - film, TV, theatre, music and dance. My studio has a professional sprung floor to keep dancers safe for studio work, and I am really passionate about creating incredible images for artists. I shoot artwork for visual artists (sculpture and painting) and occasionally do product work. I also run Headshot Laboratory, a specialist headshot service. I have a separate website for my headshot work, which you can find here (see link). I also work in fashion and do a range of commercial work for a few select clients like Arkajon Communication (Isuzu Trucks) and Maxxia (corporate work), as well as a few schools.

Creative Work ::

I am passionate about the decisive moment, and curious about time and space. I have an active moving image practice that explores timelapse, image sequencing and multi-dimensional perspective. My personal work explores 3D lenticular images, as well as bullet-time (time slice) techniques. I exhibit regularly and a career highlight (so far) was exhibiting in the core program of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale and having my work selected for the front cover of the Australian Art Almanac.

Other things I do ::

I teach photography at a variety of institutions, including the University of South Australia, and I have a tendency to take on arts residencies with interesting organisations. I run Cog Creative Space, a shared studio for lens-based professionals, with studio hire facilities. I am a mum and adore my incredible family - my boys inspire and challenge me as much as my creative work.



  • Wolf Creek TV Series 2017

  • Wolf Creek TV Series 2015

  • The Agony of Ecstasy, 2014

  • Jillaroo School 2013

  • Croc College 2012

  • Danger 5, 2010

  • Rain Shadow , 2007

  • McLeod’s Daughters, 2001-03

  • Chuck Finn, 1999


  • Locusts, 2018

  • The Flip Side, 2017

  • Untitled Jim Loach Project, 2014

  • 100 Bloody Acres,2012

  • Here I Am, 2010

  • Red Dog, 2010

  • Closed For Winter, 2007

  • Hey Hey it’s Esther Blueburger, 2006

  • Ten Empty, 2006

  • Forbidden Lies, 2006

  • Lucky Miles, 2006

  • Like Minds, 2005

  • The 13th House, 2002

  • Dope, 2000

  • Nijinsky, 2000

  • The Dirt on Trish, 1999


  • Love, Lust & Lies, 2009

  • A Fighting Chance, 2007

  • My Voice, 2005

  • Fare Dinka, 2005

  • Amigos, 2001

  • Moana – a Moshumentary, 1999

  • Visions of Yankalilla, 1998


  • Injury Time, 2014

  • On her Knees (The Turning) 2012

  • Jacob, 2009

  • The Wish, 2006

  • My Last 10 Hours With you, 2006

  • Yuri Shima, 2005

  • Dust Storm, 2002


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I have a facebook page which I do my best to update with all kinds of shoots as I work, and also use Instagramto post my current work. These networks are usually a little more up to date than my website, but I eventually get around to updating both.

Contact me via email ::

or call me on 0414 939768 - I love to chat unless I'm on a shoot!


Cog Creative Space

20 Boskenna Ave


SA 5067

(Parking available at the rear)